Its not the business of forex trading that’s the problem. In fact, I believe currency trading to be the ultimate business. When one opens a “regular”, or conventional business it would be perfectly acceptable to look for a 15%, maybe 20% or 25% return on your investment. And I’m referring to per anum! But when one enters the world of forex trading all common sense and business logic seems to go out the window. 10% and 15% returns daily, weekly, monthly….why is this?

A trader with a $1 000 000 may well be satisfied with a $150 000 return, a 15% ROI. But will a trader who invested $10 000 to start trading be satisfied with a $1 500 return, the same 15% ROI? Currency trading is a business in a speculative industry, but always think in terms of basic business principles and remember risk and reward will go hand in hand and must be seen in perspective.