I guess we have to qualify the question. For pleasure (and pain for sure) nothing beats the excitement and intensity of having a wager on a sporting event. Whether it’s your team or not, the adrenalin and excitement is magic! However, as a business with a goal of securing consistent income there is no race between these two speculative businesses. Sports betting is all about odds. There’s the favourite and the outsider and the odds will reflect which team, or player, is expected to win. Its not an even money, or 50/50 bet. The favourite, or “certainties” are priced accordingly. And what makes them favourites – their track record, statistics, past performances.
As a technical currency trader we also look at statistics and track records, ie. past performance and in this way, we are picking the favourite. What we are forecasting is a direction, a trend and then get to bet on that direction, up or down, buy or sell. What makes this so very different is that the odds are the same, regardless of which direction we choose. Here it’s always a 50/50 bet. The odds are the same even though a particular outcome, up or down, is more probable, and therefore, the favourite.