What do traders look for? Volatility, volume and sentiment. When we can check off these boxes there’s an opportunity, and as traders we recognize all this in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Having said that, it does not mean that this new instrument is right for all traders, and by this I mean that I don’t think that new traders with limited working capital should choose this as their preferred instrument of choice. My reasoning is based on my use of Time Frames as an essential element of any trading strategy. As I have often said, mixing up and confusing timeframes is the most common mistake made by traders at all levels. When trading forex I like to look at daily, 4hour and hourly timeframes to suit my trading strategy. My timeframe of choice when trading bitcoin is using the daily charts and looking for opportunities based on a 24hour time period. Because of the massive daily moves, the potential is also massive. So, tight stops and this can fit into your high- risk portion of your overall portfolio.