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There are so many brokers out there that it is difficult for traders to make the right choice. Although every broker advertises their own services, tools, promotions… etc, the truth of the matter is that certain brokers are more suitable than others, and the right choice depends on each individual’s needs.

It must also be noted that certain brokers are regulated in some countries, while they may not be regulated in others. My choices have not taken this into account and every trader must insure that their broker has the required regulations in their particular region/country.

Everyone’s criteria will differ in making their decision. For me its all about integrity, trust, quality of services and security of my funds. 

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Regulated: South Africa, UK, Australia, Europe



A constituent of Playtech, a FTSE 250 listed company. Start with a fast and reliable platform that’s high on features and low on spread prices. Compare Forex & CFD brokers –

Regulated: Canada, UK, Australia, Europe

Their passion for innovation and service has enabled them to grow and expand into new markets to offer products to serve their growing legion of beginner and experienced traders across the globe. Fortrade Canada Review 2021 - Forex Canada