Like anything else in life there is a right way to do everything, and trading is no exception. Trading is not a natural gift and regardless of academic qualification, job description or financial status, trading is a skill that can be taught and learned.


Learn the right
way to trade.

What is

There are no hidden secrets or magic formulas in the world of currency trading. The information is available to everyone, it’s knowing what to do with the information and how to apply your knowledge in real-time trading situations that will separate the winners from the losers. FXtrademark has been set up with one specific objective: to teach traders to make informed and calculated trading decisions.


Sharing our trades. Analyzing trade set-ups, applying relevant strategies, and putting theory into practice.


The objective is to inform and educate traders on a variety of forex, commodities, and crypto related subjects.

Daily Levels

We have identified relevant levels to recognize supply and demand zones in the set-up process. RSI and ATR information is also included for your trade evaluations.